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Welcome to Byers Genealogy & Research Services, a nation-wide genealogy research company, owned by Pamela Byers.  With over 25 years of research experience, BGRS provides consulting, analysis, research, development plans, writing and editing, compiling custom books and publishing services to bring your family history to life.  BGRS also works with county courts and estate/probate attorneys seeking to locate unidentified heirs and those looking to reconnect with lost relatives.

Whether it's a lack of time, skills or knowledge or, perhaps, you've reached a dead-end; BGRS is here to help you answer or solve your research questions and problems whatever they may be.

"History is the study and interpretation of mankind's past behavior, actions, thought processes, buildings, tools, art and literature, loves and prejudices, strengths and weaknesses.  It is about the way men and women have interacted with one another over time. As I reflect upon my past, present, and future, I realize that I am a seeker, not only of knowledge, but also of  people, places, material items, and culture. I find all of these things in history."                                                                                                                                

                                                                                                                                                       Pamela Byers, 2004.